Orlando Bloom: Newest Name In Batman Buzz!

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We've reached the point in which not a day goes by where we don't speculate on who might be the next Batman. Or, like yesterday, look at rumors for Lex Luthor.

The name today? Well it's none other than Legolas, Orlando Bloom!

Orlando Bloom Photograph

British tabloid, The Daily Express, is reporting that Orlando Bloom is the "hot favorite" to play the Caped Crusader.

This statement would come with a bit more heft if 1. It wasn't a British tabloid and 2. Orlando Bloom wasn't just the latest in a long list of "hot favorites."

That being said, Bloom is 36 and could conceivably fit the "older" Batman that the Zack Snyder is supposedly wanting. 

Of course it needs to be mentioned... Andrew Garfield is a British Spider-Man, Henry Cavill is a British Superman, Hugh Jackman is an Australian Wolverine.

Would it kill Hollywood to find a Batman on this side of the water?

Christian Bale was a great Batman, there is no denying that, but let's go ahead and make the next "World's Greatest Detective" American.

Is that too much to ask?

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