Oprah Winfrey Apology Over Racism Controversy: Heartfelt or Passive-Aggressive BS?

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Oprah Winfrey's apology over the racism flap she caused by recalling a trip to Switzerland in a recent interview has been criticized by some as inauthentic.

Earlier this week, she said she was "sorry" for fallout that ensued after she told ET about a racist encounter at a purse store in the European country.

The Butler star made the allegations (above) when asked about a time she encountered racism personally - in Switzerland, where no one knows her.

She claimed a shop owner refused to even show her a ridiculously expensive purse, assuming she could not afford it, presumably because she's black.

The COUNTRY of Switzerland apologized, while the shop owner says the whole thing was a "misunderstanding" and had "nothing to do with racism."

Last night, Oprah backpedaled a bit, apologizing for the racism controversy, saying, "I think that incident in Switzerland was just an incident in Switzerland."

"I'm really sorry that it got blown up," Winfrey added. "I purposefully did not mention the name of the store. I'm sorry that I said it was Switzerland."

The thing is, as TMZ notes, Oprah couldn't possibly believe allegations of racism made by OPRAH would go unreported or taken lightly by the media.

Pretending not to know that telling that story would spark controversy and become a huge story would be naive at best ... and Oprah is far from that.

The question is: Does she feel legitimately bad about potentially blowing something out of proportion, or is she just walking it back to save face now?

According to the celebrity gossip site, Oprah's encounter wasn't really about race, but the fact that she wasn't treated the way she is accustomed to.

Perhaps, with the employee alleging that she is being unfairly portrayed, O's feeling guilty. The question for you, THGers: Is her apology sincere?


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