North West Looks Just Like Mason, Has "Olive Skin," Witness Claims

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Forget Kim Kardashian and her post-baby body, people.

We have an actual North West sighting!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Strolling

The reality star accompanied Kanye West to the funeral of his grandfather in Oklahoma City Saturday, covering the couple's two-month old in a blanket when cameras were around.

But another attendee tells Radar Online that the blanket came off at one point and this anonymous onlooker says North West has "olive skin."

He also possesses a "head full of hair" and apparently looks "like Mason did when he was a baby," especially noting the "same eyebrows" shared between cousins.

Uh-oh. Should Kanye be concerned over what Kim has been up to with Scott Disick?!?

The world, of course, continues to await actual Kim Kardashian baby photos, prompting us to rely on unnamed sources and witnesses and make wild guesses over who the father of this child might actually be.

If Kim wishes to put such chatter to rest, all she to do is show us the baby. Come on, Kim. Pretend we're Rod Tidwell and you're Jerry Maguire and just SHOW US THE BABY!

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