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Michael Girgenti is not messing around.

The model, who has claimed for years that he’s the true father of little Mason Dash Disick, is now doing a lot more than merely talking to supermarket tabloids about his fling with Kourtney Kardashian:

He’s filed a paternity lawsuit and is seeking joint custody of of the three-year old!

Girgenti has been making the assertion since 2009 that he got it on with Kourtney about nine months prior to her giving birth.


According to the legal documents filed yesterday and obtained by TMZ, Girgenti says he and Kourtney texted for about three months after meeting in August 2008.

The relationship then got rather serious in March, as explicitly outlined in the lawsuit. The two engaged in “unprotected vaginal sex,” Girgenti writes, adding for clarity: “I ejaculated inside [Kourtney’s] vagina.”

It is true that such an act can sometimes produce a baby.

After Mason was born less than a year later, Michael saw a resemblance and says he tried to contact Kourtney. When she didn’t respond, he started his magazine interview blitz to garner the reality star’s attention.

Girgenti is now asking a judge to order DNA tests for himself, Kourtney, Scott Disick and Mason. If he is indeed the father, the model is requesting joint custody of the toddler.

A hearing has been set for next month. *

Michael Girgenti: The Father of Mason Dash?

* UPDATE: Kourtney’s lawyer has come out and denied all allegations.