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Lady Gaga’s recent foray into mermaid attire isn’t going over well with at least one person. Azealia Banks is not happy, claiming Mother Monster jacked her style.

Lady Gaga-Azealia Banks Twitter Fight

Gaga’s VMA shell bikini, various barnacle-chic street outfits and Twitter instructions to her fans have made her newfound love of the mermaid theme clear.

Only Banks says it’s her theme Gaga is copping when she lists “acceptable attire” for her fans at the iTunes Festival as “1: Seashells. Item 2: Seahorses 3: Starfish” and so on.

The rapper writes:

  1. @ladygaga hmmmm sounds alot like Azealia Banks’ mermaid balls.
  2. Of COURSE gaga wants to play mermaid again….. Pffft.
  3. Not picking a fight. Just all looks soo familiar…. To me.

So far, The Little Mermaid and Captain Jack Sparrow have not commented, but apparently Azealia Banks felt a need to lay claim to maritime-themed attire.

Speaking of Ariel, the 27-year-old Mother Monster responded simply but poignantly to Banks’ Tweets … with the following GIF of a true sea style icon: