Kim Kardashian: Klashing with Kourtney Kardashian Over Kare of North West?

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We may still be waiting on Kim Kardashian baby photos, but at least a new report is giving us some interesting Kim Kardashian baby drama to ponder.

According to Star, Kim and her sister are at odds over the way the former has been raising little North West. There appears to be a major clash of child rearing styles taking place..

Kourtney Kardashian with Daughter
Kim Kardashian with Mason

 "No one expected how opposite their approaches would be," an insider says of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. "Kim's shocked at how little they have in common. It's created a barrier instead of a bond."

How so?

Kourtney is apparently a very "laid back" parent, this anonymous mole alleges, which has led to some back and forth between siblings when Kim reacts in ways Kourtney would never dare.

"Kourtney scolds Kim for being too over-protective and highly strung," says the source. "She keeps telling Kim you don't have to jump every time the baby makes the slightest sound...

Kourtney breastfed her kids in public, which Kim thought was inappropriate. Kourt insists it's natural and a great way to lose pregnancy weight, whereas Kim has been pumping milk because she finds breastfeeding uncomfortable."

And yet she doesn't find showing her breasts in public to be uncomfortable. Ironic.

Only time will tell if this likely imaginary feud gets solved.

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