Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kendall Jenner is NOT Filming This!!

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Drama, as we know, comes with the territory on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but Kim Kardashian and even Brody Jenner got a pass last night.

Last week, Brody called out Kris Jenner for being a fame whore and a bad mother, but this week he was largely singing her praises on the trip to Greece.

Kendall Jenner, meanwhile, was a lot less happy ... with everyone.

Why? Let's break it all down below in THG's official recap!

Kendall Jenner and Brody Jenner

All this time, the Kardashians worried that Kris and Brody Jenner wouldn't get along, but it ended up being Kendall who was the most put out by everyone.

The reason was simple, and typical of a teenager. She wanted to be involved, but is also shy and not as outgoing, so it was hard for her to be proactive.

Plus 100 because while this storyline wasn't the most exciting in reality TV history, it was one of the most realistic if you've ever known a teenager.

And Plus 100 more for being the shy one. This krew needs one!

"I might as well not be on this trip. I haven't been included in one thing this entire day," she said, leading the family to say she's just too quiet.

"I'm not as outspoken as my family," Kendall countered in a later confessional, "but that doesn't give them any right to act like I'm not there."

Khloe Kardashian tried to patch things up (as she often does), but alas.

"I'm not filming this," she said, and sobbed as she told Khloe how disappointed she was that she wasn't getting quality time with her brothers.

Khloe and Kim Kardashian both had to leave to be with their men, so she turned things over to Brody, who did what any good big brother would.

He took her out ATVing, just the two of them. Plus 100.

Speaking of people who weren't on the trip, Kourtney Kardashian feared that Scott Disick wouldn't be on the vacation, but the Lord eventually showed.

Just in time to complain immediately and actually hide in Leah's room. Minus 300.

This guy acts worse than Kendall and he's a grown man and father of two. Luckily, another outsider proved to be the voice of reason he needed.

Plus 250 for Leah kindly telling him in that kind, breezy Leah way to grow a pair, and Plus 150 for Scott taking his woman on a romantic date.

Elsewhere, Kim whined about paparazzi attention and celebrity gossip scrutiny, but Minus only 100 because she was so miserable being pregnant.

Seriously. Woman looked ROUGH, and not in a critical way. As in a we'd-feel-bad-for-her-if-it-weren't-Kim way. Okay, heck, we even felt bad for her.

Plus 54 for her abject misery during the fish pedicure, though.


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