Kate Upton Polaroid Photo: The Girl Who Became the IT Girl of Modeling

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Kate Upton became the It Girl of modeling after landing the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2012, but she too was a bit awkward as a teen.

Okay, maybe not. But a Polaroid picture of the then-aspiring model in June 2010 shows a drastically different Kate than we're used to these days ...

In honor of Fashion Week '13, Polaroid photos of supermodels (taken by casting director Douglas Perrett) before they were quite so super are surfacing.

In her case ... it's not like the Kate Upton photos you're thinking of.

Kate, 21, was just 18 when hers were taken. Previously, the beauty had attended a Miami casting call for models that would ultimately change her life.

Thank you, casting agents. Thank you.


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