Kanye West Off the Hook in Paparazzi Beatdown; No Evidence of Crime Committed

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Kanye West's most recent attack on a photographer at LAX was pretty intense, even by his standards, but he won't face criminal charges - yet.

The L.A. County district attorney's office declined to prosecute the 36-year-old father of Kim Kardashian's baby, who is also working on a rap career.

That rules out any felony charge against West, however the city attorney may still pursue misdemeanor charges after this happened on July 19:

Kanye West attacked a photographer who staked out LAX to take photos of him ... just one week after he instructed the paparazzi not to talk EVER.

A photographer followed the Yeezus rapper through the airport and outside, badgering West to talk to him. A silent Ye just have him the death stare.

Then, just before getting in his car, he lost it on the guy.

Video (above) shows West lunge at the man and his camera equipment, while photos (below) have also depicted the violent incident that played out.

Kanye West vs. Photographer

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene, but Kanye split. At the time, it seemed like this would result in certain criminal charges for West ... but no.

Prosecutors say the photographer in this case did not have a significant injury; his camera wasn't stolen, and it's not clear if it was even damaged.

No weapon was used and West doesn't have a record, so despite his hostile relationship with the media, there was no evidence of a crime committed.

The news is good for West, who hates photographers as much as he loves Kim Kardashian and North West - and in part because of Kim and North.

It's unclear if the city attorney will come after him, but given the recent trend of celebrity complaints about the paparazzi, we would doubt that too.


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