John Leguizamo as Joker? "Hell Yeah!"

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Talking with Desde Hollywood over the weekend about his upcoming Kick-Ass 2, John Leguizamo was asked if he was interested in being in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman movie.

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First he touched on the lack of diversity in many superhero genre films despite the fan base being very diverse. "Just because I have to represent for my Latin people. It's crazy. I went to Comic-Con and 50% of the nerds were Latin, Black, and Asian. I said Come on! We are so underrepresented and we support the whole industry."

He has a point. How many non-white superheroes have their been? For that matter, how many non-white villains? 

It does seem like there is something lacking there. Leguizamo went on to say that he's ready for the genre to take a rest but of course he'd consider taking on the role of the iconic Batman arch nemesis. 

"I am not against comic-book movies. I just feel that I have seen enough zombies, vampires, and apocalyptic comic-book super heroes in my lifetime. I want to see real people on screen for a while. But hell yeah, I would do Batman. The Joker would be a blast!"

Of course he'd play Joker! Who wouldn't want to be The Crown Prince of Crime? Of course this is just the latest in many Batman casting rumors/discussion. 

The most recent was Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling taking on Batman but this might be the first for Joker.

What say you THG'ers? Would Leguizamo make a good Joker? What about the lack of diversity in the copious superhero films in recent years? 

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