GLAAD Takes a Look At Hollywood, Isn't Impressed

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In its first report on Hollywood, GLAAD has discovered that the representation of gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals in movies isn't quite where they'd like it to be.

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The organization looked at 101 movies and ran them through their Vitto Russo test which looks at whether a character is defined by their sexual orientation or "simply provide colorful commentary, paint urban authenticity, or (perhaps most commonly) set up a punchline." 

Fewer than half of the films "tested" passed the Vitto Russo test, named for the organizations co-founder. The greatest population of LGBT character were of the male Caucasian variety. Lesbians and bisexuals were represented at a much lower percentage.

Out of the six major studios, Universal led the charge with four films featuring LGBT characters with 20th Century Fox coming in last with a whopping zero.

The report found that most LGBT characters were found in comedies, with studios appearing "reluctant" to cast LGBT characters in action movies and the many superhero films. 

Pushing for more representation, GLAAD stated that "When LGBT people or couples are made part of a larger ensemble or even features in brief, casual manner, at the very least it reminds the audience that LGBT people are a part of the same society and present a more accurate portrait of that society."

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