DMX Arrested: Rapper Calls BS on Cops, Alleges Setup, Has Asthma Attack

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DMX was arrested in South Carolina last night, and craziness ensued as he called cops out on an alleged setup ... then had an asthma attack.

Police pulled over the car he was riding in for making an illegal U-turn, then found weed in the car and put the rapper in handcuffs. Standard.

Officers say there was a warrant out for DMX from a previous traffic violation (driving without a license) and told him he needed to go to jail.

That's when the accused became upset, and started ranting.

"This ain't no normal traffic stop," DMX screamed.

"18 cops, 5 cars, get the f--k outta here man!"

DMX claims the supposed illegal turn was legit, and that the police were just looking for a reason to bust him, saying, "It was legal ... they got nothing."

During the arrest, X suffered what is believed to be an asthma attack. At one point, he can be heard saying, "I'm sweatin' like a motherf--ker, yo."

Paramedics were called to treat him, but he's okay now; DMX is expected to be sentenced to 15 days in jail when he goes before a judge today.

He gets arrested A LOT.

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