Desiree Hartsock on Chris Siegfried: He's So Good at Everything!

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The Bachelorette's Desiree Hartsock may have pined for Brooks Forester once, but she has more positive things to say about her new fiance, Chris Siegfried.

That's putting it mildly.

Asked what she loves about Chris, she said, "Everything. I mean, honestly. [He's] supportive, manly, romantic. I really think he's an overall well-rounded person."

"He's so good at everything. Really. I can't think of one bad thing to say about him."

Her fiance doesn't harbor any ill will toward Brooks Forester, despite the fact that Hartsock pledged her love for his rival on more than one occasion.

"I actually didn't watch too much of it," Siegfried said.

"We decided pretty early on that I would only watch the parts that her and I shared together. So I kind of held true to that and just watched my portion of the show."

"We've built so much, and that's the thing that people don't get to see right now, is the real time. And there's just no reason to kind of rehash the past or old memories."

Chris and Desiree Photo

Except The Bachelorette season finale proposal. That they can and will rehash time and time again - very possibly for the rest of their lives together.

"I feel like I was so blindsided by feelings for Brooks that I couldn't see that the one thing I always needed was right in front of me," she told him.

"You've been by my side from the very beginning... I thank you every day for never giving up. And you mean the absolute world to me. I love you so much."

Sniff. Think it will last for Des and Chris?

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