Brandi Glanville or LeAnn Rimes: Who Needs the Other More?

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Does Brandi Glanville try to manipulate every piece of celebrity gossip that's LeAnn Rimes-related to keep their feud - and the attention she receives - going?

Yes, according to one insider, who said the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spitfire “needs to talk about LeAnn on Twitter to keep herself relevant.”


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LeAnn Rimes at the ACMs

The source cited a recent incident in which LeAnn’s fans were wearing anti-Brandi shirts, saying Glanville always tries to play the role of victim.

The fans, decked out in hats and shirts exclaiming “F*** BRANDI,” reportedly earned shout-outs from LeAnn on Twitter and at her concert in Colorado.

On Twitter, the backlash was immediate, with some saying LeAnn is all but encouraging profane insults toward husband Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife.

Brandi Glanville, in response, wrote that while she and LeAnn were not feuding, “I just don’t want MY boys traveling on a I hate ur REAL mom bus."

A Rimes source says this is just Brandi stirring the pot again, however.

“LeAnn … never saw the damn shirts,” said the insider. "[LeAnn] glanced at their pink hats [and] said, ‘Awesome! People are trying to make a big deal of it."

"It's not. She cannot dictate what her fans do or wear.”

The insider called Brandi “jealous,” “bitter” and “mean,” adding that “LeAnn never said she hated Brandi, but that is how Brandi is now spinning it."

"She plays the professional victim card," the Rimes source says. "It’s nothing but a desperate bid to keep their feud alive and stay in the spotlight.”

Do you agree? Whose side are you on in this feud?

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