Blue Caprice Trailer and Poster: Story of D.C. Snipers

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If you aren't of a certain age, it is possible you don't remember the Beltway Snipers. For those of us who do remember, it's hard to believe that it has reached the point of almost "forgotten history".

John Allen Mohammad and Lee Boyd Malvo held the D.C. area in their murderous hands as they terrorized the region with random sniper shootings. In the end they killed ten people and injured an additional three.

Alexandre Moors has taken the story and put it on the big screen. Isaiah Washington takes on the role of Mohammad while Everybody Hates Chris' Tequan Richmond plays Malvo.

Check out the Blue Caprice trailer below and click through the jump to see the Blue Caprice poster.

Much like the Captain Phillips trailer from last week, this trailer puts you almost immediately on edge. It isn't because of tense action like the Tom Hanks movie, but rather an ominous feeling of dread.

We know how it ends, and it isn't pretty. 

Blue Caprice arrives in theaters on September 13th and will be available OnDemand on September 17th.

Blue Caprice Poster
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