Batman Casting Rumors: Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Don the Cowl?

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Another day means yet another Batman casting rumor. So far we've done Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin, and of course Jensen Ackles would love to be Batman.

Now this morning it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan's name swirling around.

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The rumor that they are looking for an "older" Batman has been hanging around for weeks now and if that's the case, Morgan at 47 would certainly fit the bill. 

However, Superman vs. Batman hasn't even begun filming. The Justice League movie isn't projected to be released until 2017.

That would put Morgan at 51 in the first of what we assume would be at least two or three Justice League films.

"But Robert Downey Jr. is older too!", you might say. True, Tony Stark is older, but when the first Iron Man was released, Robert Downey Jr. was a spry 43 years old. 

Four or five years might not mean much on paper, but when looking at a long term franchise? Let's hope this is just a rumor.

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