Baby Monitor Hacked, Houston Couple Totally Freaked Out

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In a word? YIKES!

On August 10, Houston couple Marc Gilbert and his wife Lauren were faced with what appeared to be every parent's worst nightmare: a stranger in the bedroom of their two-year old daughter.

But after hearing a voice through the baby monitor and entering the child's room to investigate, they were faced with something even more unexpected:

Someone had hacked into the device and had taken control of the monitor, letting his voice be heard via such gross insults directed at the child as "moron" and "slut."

Because the monitor was equipped with a camera, the hacker also began shouting curses at the parent, calling Marc "stupid" and Lauren a "bitch."

“At that point I ran over and disconnected it and tried to figure out what happened,” said Marc Gilbert. “[I] Couldn’t see the guy. All you could do was hear his voice and [that] he was controlling the camera.”

The couple did not alert the police, but they did contact their Internet provider, who told Marc to check on his password.

But for now the family is simply leaving the device alone, while getting their story out to warn others.

“It’s quite possible that this had been going on more than one day,” he said. “Security vulnerabilities exist.”