A.C.O.D. Poster: Grossed-Out Adam Scott!

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The upcoming comedy, A.C.O.D., has a stellar cast, but don't be looking for them on the first A.C.O.D. poster.

Nope, that honor goes to the always funny and seemingly always horrified, Adam Scott.

A.C.O.D. Poster

Had he been wearing a plaid shirt, it'd be easy to believe this was Ben Wyatt of Parks and Recreation but instead it is Carter, an Adult Child Of Divorce.

Going with an acronym title is a bit of a risk, just look at R.I.P.D. for example, but that doesn't deter filmmaker Stu Zicherman who told EW, "The big thing for us is about awareness of what an A.C.O.D. is. There's a lot of debate about [keeping] the title. Part of the fun is meeting people who realize, 'Oh my God, I'm part of a club I didn't even know I was a part of."

Of course the biggest story of this film is the cast. Adam Scott is joined by his Parks and Rec costar, Amy Poehler along with Catherine O'Hara, Adam Pally, Richard Jenkins, Jane Lynch, and Jessica Alba.

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