Aaryn Gries: Evicted From Big Brother, GRILLED By Julie Chen on Racist Comments

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Aaryn Gries was finally evicted from the Big Brother house Thursday night, and was promptly grilled by Julie Chen about her comments this summer.

Her explanation, in abridged form?

She's not racist, she's just Texan!

Aaryn Gries, of course, mocked Asians, African-Americans AND homosexuals this season. Frequently, and often seeming to take pleasure in doing so.

She had to know the reckoning was coming, but when she said "I did not mean to ever come off as racist," well, the audience laughed in her face.

And booed. A lot.

The longer explanation: "In Texas, we say things. Sometimes we joke and we don't mean it. I feel how bad it is being seen and how I've come across to people."

How bad it is being seen? Is she for real?

"I don't want to seem like that kind of person. That was not meant to be serious and if I said those things, I feel horrible for that. I regret that," she added.

Among her (many) choice lines: Telling an Asian cast member to "go make rice," and later quipping, "I probably look like a squinty Asian right now."

Gries also said "no one's going to vote for whoever that queer puts up" while addressing gay housemate Andy Herren, and made other racist comments.

Still, Aaryn told host Chen that she doesn't remember ever making a racist comment in the house, adding, "I apologize to anyone I offended for that."

Julie, at that point, read off a list of some of the offensive comments she made, leaving Aaryn frozen in her seat, and it was pretty awesome.

Not awesome that such a person exists, of course. That part is still incredibly depressing and a bad sign for society. But awesome that Julie called her out.

Gries, who will stay sequestered from the outside world in the jury house until the show ends next month, still has no idea her modeling agency fired her.

Enjoy the rest of your unemployed life.

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