Getaway Reviews: Brainless! Inane! Incoherent!

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You may wanna turn away right about now, Selena Gomez.

The star's latest movie hits theaters today and let's just say critics around the country have less than favorable things to say about the thriller, which also features Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight.

Just how bad are the reviews? Selena might not want to focus on acting after all. Scroll down for a harsh sampling...

The action (all at nighttime) is messily and crudely filmed. The plot mechanics are often laughable. - The Associated Press

Brainless chase flick doesn't even offer guilty pleasures. - The Hollywood Reporter

So completely idiotic you might swear it was made by Luc Besson and starred Jason Statham or Liam Neeson. - One Guy's Opinion

"Getaway" gets itself embroiled in all sorts of inane situations. Then director Courtney Solomon forgets to give us that basic thrill of all car-chase flicks: watching the car barrel toward its destination. - The New York Daily News

The dumbest action movie of the millennium so far. - The Daily Herald

It's meant to be dumb, summer fun. They got the "dumb" part right, and it is summer, but what with the unpleasant characters and inane twists, they forgot to supply the fun. - St. Paul Pioneer Press

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