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He can’t be dead… can he?

On a Teen Wolf Season 3 episode that played out like the movie Memento, messing with time and almost making our eyes cross and our brains explode, viewers were mostly left with one question.

And it’s summed up in the following photo: Is Derek actually dead?!?

Along with that dramatic development, the following took place last night:

  • Peter and Cora had a memorable encounter, each side not trusting the other.
  • Scott and Allison drew closer to one another, engaging in an especially erotic fight.
  • The twins fought with their shirts off. Again.
  • Scott possessed a red eye at one point. Is he turning into an Alpha? Do we even know what that entails?
  • Duke got greedy and did some serious skull-crushing.

But it all goes back to Derek. Do you thin he’s really a goner?