Porter Fischer to Expose MLB Steroid Users From Biogenesis Records?

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Porter Fischer is poised to become the Edward Snowden of baseball.

The former employee from Florida's Biogenesis clinic says he has detailed records that link more than 100 MLB players to steroids purchased from there.

Nose Picking By Alex Rodriguez
Porter Fischer Mug Shot
Ryan Braun

Major League Baseball investigators are about meet with the whistleblower, who claims he has the smoking gun linking the players to the PED source.

Fischer, a "biochemist," is expected to reveal his detailed clinic records.

A number of big-time baseball stars, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, allegedly obtained banned PEDs from the clinic's owner, Tony Bosch.

If he can prove this, expect the mother lode of MLB suspensions.

The MLB meeting was brokered by Fischer's attorney, Ray Rafool, and the league will reportedly pay Fischer a "consulting" fee in exchange for his cooperation.

Bribes. Not unlike homers fueled by HGH, they go a long way.

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