Sydney Leathers Sugar Daddy Website Profile: Revealed! Naughty But Nice!

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Anthony Weiner's sexting partner Sydney Leathers told Howard Stern that her former paramour is likely too busy j--king off to be mayor of New York.

She would know, as it appears she's an old pro at juggling older men she meets on sugar daddy sites - and taking large sums of money from them.

Syd Profile

According to reports, Sydney Leathers actively recruited multiple sugar daddies for three years, and they paid up to $4,000 each to "connect" with her.

One page of her man-hunting history was unearthed by TMZ, which posted this screen grab from Seeking Arrangement (dot) com earlier today.

She listed herself as a 22-year-old "naughty but nice" student looking for a "discreet, mutually beneficial relationship" with a "sugar daddy."

Mutually beneficial as in she gets a lot of money to troll the Internet, and hornball guys get to ... pretend a moderately attractive girl is into them?

It's unclear, but she's been doing this since she was 19, her friends say, and idiots like Anthony Weiner work fork over between $200 and $4,000.

All for the privilege of chatting, Skyping, sexting with her, etc.

Insiders say Sydney claims she never "relations" with more than three at once, and never took money for sex, though she did physically go on dates.

Basically, she was never quite a hooker, but toed that line.

She told Stern she never received money from the embattled NYC mayoral candidate - just Anthony Weiner nude pics - and that she "fell" for him.

Then even she grew disgusted by him, of course.

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