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Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner, opened up about their "relationship" to Howard Stern Tuesday, and some of her quotes were all-timers.

Asked whether her former online paramour has what it takes to lead New York City – which he still hopes to do starting in 2014 – she did not hesitate.

“I mean as funny as it would be to have a Mayor Carlos Danger, I think he’s a little too busy j–king off to do anything for the city,” Leathers told Stern.

"How are you going to be mayor of New York City if you’re c–ing like five times a day?”

Sydney Leathers Howard Stern Interview

In a candid and raunchy recounting of their extramarital relationship, Sydney Leathers couldn’t have painted a less flattering picture of Anthony Weiner.


Yet when detailing the escalation of their sexual exchanges – email, nude sexting and even phone sex – Leathers admitted that she fell for Weiner.

“Maybe I thought I was in love with him; in reality I wasn’t, it was just the infatuation, and the whole situation was just really intense,” she said.

Ironically, the 2013 Anthony Weiner sexting scandal‘s roots can be traced back to his 2011 resignation from Congress (also for sending penis pics).

At that time, Sydney Leathers – a fixture on Sugar Daddy websites – she wrote to Weiner on Facebook to express her disappointment in his conduct.

A year later, Leathers said Weiner "poked" her on Facebook and apologized for letting Leathers down, but almost instantly began pursuing her.

"That was what really got me," Leathers told Stern of the hypocrisy and lies. "That he’s supposedly getting help but in reality he’s flirting with me."

Nevertheless, the two began sexting, often trading X-rated shots. Absent from their salacious communications? Any mention of his wife and son.

Stern co-host Robin Quivers pressed her on whether Weiner somehow believed that his relationship with Leathers was not a threat to his marriage.

“Do you think he maybe actually thinks this is not cheating?” Robyn asked.

“I don’t think he really gives a sh–, to be honest,” Leathers replied.

“He’s like, ‘I’m Anthony Weiner, I’m gonna do, I’m Carlos Danger, I’m gonna do whatever I want. Who cares about my wife? She’ll forgive me no matter what.’”

Things went south, she said, because Weiner "is just this needy little b!tch, basically," she said, one who "always needs his ego stroked. That’s the problem."

To that end, he grew jealous of her other online activities.

"He was clingy … he would get pissy over, you know, guys complimenting me on Facebook, just weird $h!t like that. I’m like, ‘You’re married. I’m single,’ you know?”

If this clown doesn’t drop out of the race for mayor of the biggest city in the U.S., honestly we don’t know what to think anymore about anything.