Kim Kardashian Baby Gift: Coming Soon, Promises Jerry O'Connell!

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Jerry O'Connell is very good friends with Kim Kardashian.

No, really! The actor hails from Calabasas, where the Kardashians reside, and told E! News this week that he's known Kim and company since they were in high school. They even sent him and his wife baby gifts.

So... where's the Kim Kardashian baby gift, Jerry?!?

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Kim Pregnant Pic

"I need to get on that," O'Connell said. "And I won't even regift. We have a lot of old baby gifts that we haven't opened yet that sometimes if someone has a new kid... you just put 'em right in the mail and save a couple bucks."

But while a present may take a few weeks to arrive O'Connell has some immediate advice for Kim and Kanye West when it comes to little North West.

"It just goes so fast... this time it's crazy, kid's gonna be getting up all hours of the night," the actor said. "You gotta feed... and it's really frustrating and giving you a headache and you're like, 'I want this to be over,' and then it's gonna be over. So just really enjoy it."

Kim would be well served to listen to O'Connell. The guy is married to Rebecca Romijn.

He must be doing something right.

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