Slow News Day Special: Movie Themes, YouTube Style

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Let's be honest: THG is a place you go not only to catch up on the latest news, but to fill a bit of downtime.

I'm sure there's been times you've turned to us and there isn't a new story. It's then you think, such a slow news day, what a bummer.

Trust me, if you take the slow news day hard, please know that we're dying over here!

So instead of just sitting and staring off into space, waiting for retirement... we've taken to YouTube. We do it for you, dearest readers.

Today let's do some movie themes. Like this Man of Steel video. The Man of Steel theme is beautiful but I have to say, I might enjoy this dude's take on it even more. Feelings? The corn background? It's a winner.

A-May-Zing. Love this whole idea. Cosplay plus the theme of a movie your cosplay is related to? Genius. This is much better then staring off into space.

So, I'll be honest. I went out and looked for Tara's Theme from Gone With the Wind because well, I'm southern and live in Georgia and I was just having a "need Gone With the Wind in my life" moment.

I can tell you these people have never been to Georgia. Our homes don't float, and didn't float in the time of Gone With the Wind either. I'm thinking they are taking the 'wind' part of that way too seriously.

There are no words for those dolls. This was a bad idea.

Okay, Misty Mountains isn't really the theme for The Hobbit but I love this video and I'm doing a service here so just go with it.

I love this video and pretty much every other video he has done. Gives me chills each time I watch it.

Well I hope this helped fill your day just a little bit. Since we never know when this slow news situation will next strike, I feel like I should be prepared.

What do you want to see covered in a Slow News Special? Vintage TV show clips? Dogs falling asleep in their water bowls? Those creepy videos where just the lips move?

You tell me and I'll try and fill that void for you!

Stay tuned for the next edition of Slow News Special!

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