Sheena Monnin Loses Appeal, Must Pay Miss USA Pageant $5 Million

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Tough break today for former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin in court. She lost an appeal and owes Miss USA $5 million for defaming the organization.

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Monnin resigned as Miss Pennsylvania last year, saying Miss USA contest was rigged - claims that did not hold water in the eyes of a judge.

She claimed another contestant learned the top five finishers hours before the show, then turned in her crown when those contestants were named during the show.

She posted a series of messages on Facebook and spoke publicly about her claims. Doanld Trump's Miss Universe Organization sued her immediately.

An arbitrator ruled against her in December, and determined that her allegations cost the pageant a $5 million fee from a potential 2013 sponsor.

U.S. District Court Judge J. Paul Oetken upheld the decision.

Monnin appealed, claiming the arbitrator overstepped his authority, his decision disregarded law, and she didn't know the hearing was taking place.

The judge disagreed on each of those grounds.

Sheena Monnin, of Cranberry, Pa., said in a Facebook post Thursday evening that she is glad the truth is out there, regardless of the outcome.

"This is not about me being a 'sore loser' or wanting my '15 minutes of fame'" she wrote, sticking by a story that has been widely disregarded.

"This is about the MUO's admission under oath that they manipulate the judges' results to suit their own ends. This is not what they advertise to the public."

Miss USA organizers think Monnin resigned because she disagreed with a decision to allow transgender contestants, then sought to trash the pageant.

They made public text from an email Monnin sent citing the decision to allow natural-born males into the competition as the reason for her resignation.

A transgender contestant was initially denied entry to the Miss Universe Canada pageant because she was born male, but Trump overruled that decision.

Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island won the Miss USA pageant that year.

Monnin wrote on Facebook page that her legal fees amount to more than $50,000 and she needed financial support, including a link for donations.

Don't hold your breath on that note, Sheena. Trump's lawyer said he applauded the judge's decision but was surprised Monnin stood by her story.

"I'm shocked to see that she has yet to learn her lesson. I thought she would be smarter the second time around," attorney Michael Cohen said.

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