Ryan Gosling Sex Tape: Desired by Women Everywhere!

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They may have seen him shirtless, but women now want to see a lot more.

In a new survey conducted by Vivid Entertainment and XCritic (dot) com, Ryan Gosling was named the actor most respondents want to see in a sex tape.

Which makes sense, considering Gosling was also named the most f-ckable male star in a separate online poll a few months ago.

Ryan Gosling Red Carpet Picture

Gosling earned the naked distinction by winning 21.6 percent of the vote.

He was followed by Brad Pitt with 17.2 percent... Channing Tatum at 15.6 percent... and  Matthew McConaughey and Johnny Depp, both with 12.7 percent. 

Somehow, Robert Pattinson didn't even break double digits.

In April, Jennifer Lawrence won the same survey on the female side, making it clear that a Gosling/Lawrence amateur porn would even put the Farrah Abraham sex tape to shame in the sales department.

The only question: What would we call it? The Horny Hungry Games? The Naughty Notebook?

Ponder that topic now and also vote for yourself: Which actor would you most want to see in a sex tape?

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