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Photographers are camped outside the hospital, stores are stocking baby goods, social media is abuzz, and celebrity gossip sites can talk about little else.

Welcome to Royal Baby Watch 2013!

With Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton awaiting the imminent arrival of their first child, the UK can’t wait to see who is third in line to the throne.

The duo, known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since the royal wedding of April 2011, announced they were expecting in December.

The very pregnant Kate Middleton is due July 11 or July 13, depending on what you read. It matters little at this stage. Either way, that’s any day now!


William, a helicopter search-and-rescue pilot and grandson of Queen Elizabeth, is on standby at an air force base in north Wales to rush back to London.

The new arrival will be announced in a combination of the traditional and modern – via Twitter, websites and with a notice outside Buckingham Palace.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, said this is private couple that, while aware of the massive global interest, is trying to limit public exposure.

“William [saw how his mother] suffered at the hands of the paparazzi, and he wants to make sure this does not happen to his wife or his own children,” Little said.

The baby is to be born in the private Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London where Prince William was born to Princess Diana 31 years ago.

Princess Diana, who passed away in a car crash in 1997 after splitting with Prince Charles, also had Prince Harry, William’s younger brother, there.

Prince Charles, the heir apparent, was present for the births of his sons and Prince William, second in the line to the throne, plans to be there this week.

Whether a boy or girl, the baby will be third in line to the throne, pushing Harry into fourth place, as the government has changed the rules of succession.

Previously, male heirs took precedence over females.

William and Kate have not found out the gender, either, so they’ll find out if they’re having a future king or queen only a few hours before anyone else.

What do you think they’re having?