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With the Out of the Furnace poster we got a good sense that Christian Bale’s new movie wouldn’t be all that jovial. What we didn’t know is how depressingly entertaining despair might be.

Check out the Out of the Furnace trailer below …

Out of the Furnace Trailer

Like I mentioned when the poster came out, the tagline for Out of the Furnace is "Sometimes Your Battles Choose You" which seems to sum up the movie, as we know it so far, really well.


Christian Bale plays another brother, this time to Casey Affleck and despite living his own life just working and caring for his father, the universe seems intent on drawing him into conflict. 

Bale won a Best Supporting Actor in 2011 for The Fighter. When Out of the Furnace opens on December 6th, it appears as if he’s going for the top prize again.

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