Out of the Furnace Poster: Christian Bale as Not Batman!

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So we know that Christian Bale is done with Batman, now he's got a new film coming out called Out of the Furnace. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we get a look at a new poster. 

Out of the Furnace Official Poster

It not a huge thing but I'm a big fan of the tag line there of "Sometimes your battles choose you". Sets a mood for the film that goes hand and hand with the poster imagery.

Click through the jump for a look at Christian Bale with his Out of the Furnace costar Zoe Saldana on set.

Christian Bale and Zoe Saldana Out of the Furnace

Also pictured with Saldana and Bale is film director and co-writer, Scott Cooper.

The movie also stars a host of talent with Woody Harrelson, Willem Dafoe, Forrest Whitaker, Casey Affleck, and Sam Shepherd. 

While it was originally scheduled for an October 7th release, it's IMDb page has it listed as December 6th, and there have been reports of them moving the release date to November 27th.

So, sometime this fall, Out of the Furnace will be heading towards a theater near you!

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