National Tequila Day 2013: Drink Up and Celebrate!

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Happy National Tequila Day from The Hollywood Gossip!

In related news, tomorrow is National Call in Sick Day!

Just kidding. That doesn't exist. Not that anyone knew National Tequila Day existed before Facebook made fake holidays like this possible, but who cares!

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Now that you do know about it, you can jump in and celebrate with alcoholic ease. All you have to do to get in the spirit is drink, and that we support.

Tequila is only made in Mexico, and must contain 51 percent blue agave in order to be real tequila. It's not strictly for imbibing, either. Think about it ...

Ever try chipotle roasted salmon splashed with margarita marmalade? Or grilled corn drenched in tequila-lime butter? Or perhaps tequila fettuccine?

No? Okay, well, we digress.

We know what you came for. Just try this mango margarita recipe and call it a day. Then share your favorite embarrassing tequila story with us in the comments!

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