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This is a cruel, cruel world.

Marion Bartoli found this out first hand after winning Wimbledon last weekend. Despite her capturing tennis’ biggest title, the main conversation topic online was her looks.

And the conversation was not flattering.

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

Bartoli (left), beat Sabine Lisicki Saturday, to many people’s chagrin.

It all started when a BBC commentator, John Inverdale, remarked that she was “never going to be a looker,” but boy did she fight hard for this win!

Yeah, even the BBC went there.

Sadly, that was about as diplomatic as it got, with Twitter users by the thousands insulting her body, her outfit, her face and more in the vilest of terms.

She doesn’t “deserve” the title because she’s so ugly was the theme. One Tumblr log documented some of the most horrible things said about her.


We assume (hope) that this bullying is mostly meant as a form of humor to Twitter users’ followers? Not that this condones it in the least, but it makes you wonder.

When did it become such common behavior to publicly shame someone? Even if you’re thinking some of these things, why share them in a public forum?

This isn’t the half-hearted Amanda Bynes ugly list (where she at least uses her real name in shade-throwing). This is hardcore bullying at its worst.

The question of sexism in sports has also been raised. Never once have the looks of Andy Murray become a focal point (though Kim Sears‘ certainly have).

Fortunately, the 28-year-old Frenchwoman seems to be taking it in stride. When asked about the criticism, she replied, “It doesn’t matter, honestly.”

“I am not blonde, yes. That is a fact. Have I dreamt of having a model contract? No. I’m sorry. But have I dreamed about winning Wimbledon? Absolutely, yes.”

And that’s one of the many actual reasons Marion Bartoli “deserves” to be 2013 Wimbledon Champion just as much as Murray on the men’s side.