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Kirstie Alley may or not be livid at Leah Remini for leaving Scientology.

But the actress has made her views on Kanye West’s recent paparazzi attack far less confounding: she’s all for it!

“I love that Kanye went all whack on that asshat Paparazzi,” the actress Tweeted soon after last week’s violent showdown. “too bad he didn’t whip his ass with his hat!’ GO KANYE!!”

Kirstie Alley: A Photo

Of course, the photographer at the center of that incident – along with the police who responded to his report – aren’t exactly in Kanye’s camp.

West is considered a felony suspect by authorities.

But while the rapper may have gone to a bit of an extreme, Alley doesn’t care. Having endured many jabs at her weight and been photographed against her will on numerous occasions, she supports any kind of celebrity uprising.

“I applaud anyone who takes a swing at em,” she wrote.