O.J. Simpson Wins Parole For Kidnapping, Robbery; Will Remain in Prison on Other Charges

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O.J. Simpson won a small victory Wednesday as the State of Nevada granted him parole on some of his 2008 convictions for kidnapping and armed robbery.

The decision doesn't mean O.J. will be leaving prison anytime soon, though.

O.J. Simpson at Parole Hearing

The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners released its decision in favor of Simpson's parole request on Wednesday. It becomes effective October 2.

Commissioners noted Simpson's "positive institutional record" and participation in programs addressing "behavior that led to incarceration."

He was convicted on many charges and still faces at least four more years behind bars based on sentences that were ordered to run consecutively.

While paroled for kidnapping and robbery, he has two more consecutive terms for assault with a deadly weapon, said a spokesman for the board.

The board noted his lack of previous criminal convictions ... which is true, though it is almost universally believed that he killed two people in 1994.

Simpson appeared before a two-member parole panel last week, expressing "deep regret" for his actions and saying he's tried to be a model inmate.

While in prison, he has earned pennies an hour working in the prison gym, keeping equipment sanitized, and umpiring and coaching games in the yard.

The 66-year-old former NFL great also said he's acted as jailhouse counselor of sorts to other inmates, some of whom are serving time for similar crimes.

He said he made a promise to the warden when he arrived at Lovelock, 90 miles east of Reno, that he would be the "best person" they ever had at the facility.

He added, "I think for the most part I've kept my word on that."

Lovelock Correctional Center officials say he's had no disciplinary actions in the four and a half years he's been there (he was sentenced to 9-33).

Parole aside, he is still locked up for weapon enhancement sentences, followed by consecutive terms for two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

His best chance at freedom lies with Clark County District Judge Linda Marie Bell, who is debating whether he deserves a new trial altogether.

During a May hearing, Simpson's lawyers Patricia Palm and Ozzie Fumo argued that his trial attorney, Yale Galanter, botched Simpson's defense.

Bell has yet to rule. If she rules in Simpson's favor, prosecutors will have to decide wither to retry him, offer a plea deal, or set him free with time served.

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