Kanye West: NOT Changing North West's Diapers!

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As any new parent knows all too well, when it comes to changing a newborn baby's diapers, it's a dirty job, but hey, somebody's gotta do it.

That somebody is not Kanye West, however.


Since welcoming daughter North West with girlfriend Kim Kardashian in June, countless reports have said 'Ye is "hands-on" and "embracing" fatherhood.

Just not that hands-on when it comes to embracing dirty diapers.

"He's not changing diapers, ever," an insider revealed this week.

He is, however, stepping up his parenting game in other ways.

"He doesn't leave North for more than an hour," another source marveled of the proud new dad. Added the insider: "Kanye holds the baby all the time."

NW gets plenty of up-close-and-personal attention from mom, too.

"Kim is breast-feeding constantly," a source said of the first-time mom. "She's loving it ... when you walk in to see them, it's clear. They are naturals."

First time anything about a Kardashian has been called "natural"?

Perhaps, but either way, you can't criticize the new parents from trying to milk every ounce of publicity from North West's birth, at least not just yet.

They turned down money for Kim Kardashian baby pics. Seven figures, we're told. Either they're holding out for eight figures ... or what is the world coming to?!?

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