Justin Bieber Rep Labels Leaked Photo Rider a "Fake"

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Go ahead, Come & Get It, photographers around the world. Justin Bieber apparently doesn't mind.

Following the leaking of a "rider" that outlined a number of stipulations the singer put in place at a recent photo shoot - the most noteworthy being his requirement that NO Selena Gomez music is played on set - a rep for the artist has come out with a simple statement:

No such rider exists.

Justin Bieber Vegas Concert Photo

The leaked document is "a fake," an insider tells E! News.

The contract also included a long list of food demands, almost as if Bieber were in a perpetual state of The Munchies.

It asked for Swedish Fish, boxes of Ritz Bitz peanut butter and cheese sandwiches all to be available at all time, along with a request that no one speak to him.

Do you believe this document was a fake? Or is the rep just rushing to cover his client?

Justin, meanwhile, is currently on the U.S. leg of his Believe tour and performed in Vegas over the weekend.


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