Juan Pablo Galavis: Virtual Lock as The Bachelor in 2014?

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While The Bachelorette spoilers offer conflicting hints as to what we can expect on next Monday's season finale, this much is becoming clearer:

The Bachelor will be Juan Pablo Galavis in 2014 if he wants the gig.

Juan Pablo

The Venezuelan heartthrob who wooed Desiree Hartsock is rumored to be ABC's top choice for the coming season, for a variety of (the right) reasons.

A former pro soccer stud and single dad, he would require little work in the looks department - or PR work to pitch him to fans, who already love him.

Juan Pablo Galavis inspired the most applause at the Men Tell All special, while Des' remaining three guys leave a lot to be desired for many viewers.

Speaking of the MTA episode, he looked like he was being grilled - and groomed - for the role, pulled up into the Hot Seat by host Chris Harrison.

Considering he was not the last man to be ousted, the source of drama or connected to any controversy, this would normally be an unusual move.

He handled himself well, though, saying all the right things - including that his intentions were pure, as he seeks a stepmom for his young daughter.

Plus, he wants to have two more kids. Swoon.

Finally, to state the obvious, he's Latino and the reality TV franchise has long been the subject of negative criticism for its lack of racial diversity.

Juan Pablo is Venezuelan-born (his first language isn't English), and he's a semi-known commodity that wouldn't be written off as token minority casting.

Sounds like a done deal, or close to it.

But will he take the gig if it's offered?

"It would be a very hard decision to make," he admits. "I would have to be away from my daughter for even longer and I don't know that I want to do that again."

"I saw how tough it is on Desiree to be in a relationship with all these people. There are so many things to juggle and people got competitive."

"And you have to say goodbye to so many people and I hate making somebody cry or making them sad. That part would really tough on me."

"At the same time they would put me in a room with 25 women who wanted to be there to meet me ... so if I found the right woman it would be worth it."

What do you think, THGers? Should Juan Pablo be The Bachelor?

UPDATE, 8/5: It's confirmed! Juan Pablo will be The Bachelor!

Start submitting those creative audition tapes now, ladies.

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