Josh Marks Arrested for Assault, Claims Gordon Ramsay Made Him into God

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It turns out Josh Marks is very good at two things:

  1. Cooking.
  2. Getting pepper-sprayed.

The Masterchef Season 3 runner-up was arrested Monday night following an extraordinarily bizarre incident with the police.

Josh Marks Picture

According to TMZ sources, a University of Chicago cop spotted Marks on campus, attempting to use an emergency phone.

He had wounds on his face and was asked what happened. In response, Marks lunged at the office, hit him and attempted to take his gun.

From there, the cop and two colleagues did all they could to subdue the 7'2" reality star - pepper-spraying him, striking him with a baton - but Marks still managed to break free and sprint away.

He was eventually brought down by a total of five officers in someone's backyard.

Taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries, Marks was chained to a bed and charged with assaulting a cop and resisting arrest.

He told an official at the hospital that everything was Gordon Ramsay's fault and that the celebrity chef is an "asshole" who possessed him and made him into God.

But that doesn't sound like the work of an asshole, does it? Sounds like the work of someone totally awesome!