Ireland Baldwin Licks Slater Trout's Abs: Tasty!

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You might wanna turn away right about now, Alec Baldwin.

In a new Twit pic, Ireland Baldwin gets up close and very personal with boyfriend Slater Trout, taking a lick off his ridiculous abdominal muscles for all to see.

Can you blame the teenager, though? Look at that eight-pack! It puts Justin Bieber to shame...

Ireland Baldwin Tastes Slater Trout

It's hard to avoid taking a taste when you date someone named Slater Trout.

Ireland, 17, is clearly not shy.

She shared her feelings on Twitter in a recent Vanity Fair interview, describing the social network as "a modern-day public diary of your thoughts," while admitting:

"You have to be careful, but at the same time it's kind of fun not to be too careful."

Unless you're her father. Alec Baldwin has learned that it's never fun not to be too careful on Twitter.

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