Frankenstein's Army Reviews: Do Nazi Monsters Deliver the Scares?

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Between these The Conjuring reviews and the film's victory at the box office this past weekend, it's no secret that The Conjuring is the horror film to beat right now. Can Frankenstein's Army put up a good fight?

Check out these Frankenstein's Army reviews and make the scary choice yourself - haunted house or cyborg Nazis?

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Narrative depth may be in short supply, but the energy, invention and humor are bracing. And let's face it: Sometimes cheese tastes good. -- Andy Webster, New York Times

Frankenstein's Army is a ludicrous World War II horror flick bogged down by its found-footage gimmick, which is compromised and contradicted so often that it becomes a distraction. -- Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV Club

A WWII found footage horror movie? Yep. And it's good? Yep! -- Scott Weinberg, FEARnet

Designed by Raaphorst and brought to life by Rogier Samuels's effects studio, Unreal, the half-glimpsed creatures are magnificent and repellent. -- Rob Staeger, Village Voice

The found-footage gimmick mostly comes off as window dressing for what turns out to be yet another mad-scientist-run-amok romp. -- Kenju Fujishima, Slant Magazine

Where Frankenstein's Army really shines is with the stunning designs and monster make-up, with the film delivering old-style lumbering monsters without resorting to CGI. -- Mark Adams, Screen International

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