Evan Rachel Wood to Paparazzi: Leave Kids Alone!

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Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood is looking forward to the arrival of her baby with Jamie Bell, but having to deal with paparazzi is another story entirely.

With Kate Middleton giving birth to the Royal Baby earlier today, it's a subject that's particularly topical. Says the 25-year-old Wood on Twitter:

"I believe kids should be protected, not public domain. When my baby comes I would greatly appreciate no support of any paparazzi photos."

"It starts with you," she continued. "Big thanks to anyone who understands."

"Lots of loveā€¦ We know it wont eliminate the problem and it comes with the territory and all of that good stuff. But even a little goes a long way."

"It will get out either way, so yes we would like to be the ones to break the news when it arrives," a la Kate Middleton, the actress continues.

"Honestly I feel like people become more intensely private when they are being hounded by jerks all the time," she went on, rather intently.

"I feel like if we eliminated that people would share more cause they feel safe & in control of the situation. Fans can be fans. But they need to be aware."

What they're supporting, she says, "can be dangerous ... In other countries it is illegal or they blur the faces of children in pap photos. As they should."

"Paps while sometimes harmless can be very rude and become very aggressive and people do get hurt. Its scary to have around a baby."

The True Blood beauty was outraged this winter when The Daily Mail ran a photo showing her ultrasound picture in its celebrity gossip section.

"I have never been more violated by a photographer," she tweeted. "Thats the inside of my body and my child. Would u like my soul too? nothing is sacred."

What do you think? Does she have a point?

Okay, she obviously makes a great point. But the biggest question is what she - and everyone - can do about it to strike a better balance. Ideas?

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