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Danny Tartabull was an above average outfielder.

But apparently he’s an exceptionally terrible father.

The former Royals/Mariners/Yankees slugger has been targeted by the L.A. County Child Support Services as Los Angeles’ “Most Wanted” deadbeat dad, as Tartabull reportedly owes over $275,000 in child support.

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

Tartabull was charged in January 2011 with failure to provide for his two sons. He pleaded no contest at the time, but has not met the terms of his probation.


A warrant for his arrest was issued after Tartabull no-showed his 180-day jail sentence, but it has been outstanding for over a year.

Tartabull earned more than $30 million over his long professional baseball career, which included one All-Star team and 262 home runs.

His face now appears on a new wanted poster issued by L.A. County officials and he owes nearly as much as the other four men on the poster combined.

For shame.