Chad Qualls Pumps Fist in Celebration, Tumbles to the Ground

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Chad Qualls is a pitcher for the Florida Marlins.

So he can be forgiven for not really knowing how to celebrate, considering the team stands at 40-65.

But that doesn't make the following mishap any less hilarious, as Qualls earned a big out in the eighth inning of a game against the Mets last night, preserving a 2-2 tie and then pumped his fist in exuberance...

... only to tumble to the ground as a result.

Chad Qualls Fist Pump Fail

This isn't the first time Qualls has had a problem remaining upright on the field.

He attempted a pickoff in June of last year and, well, scroll down now to see what transpired:

Chad Qualls Pickoff Fail
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