Amanda Bynes Doused Dog in Gasoline, Raced Inside Liquor Store to Rinse Off Pet

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More and more disturbing details of the bizarre incident that ended with Amanda Bynes hospitalized and held under 5150 psychiatric hold are emerging.

Bynes, as you've likely heard by now, started a fire with gasoline in a stranger's driveway in her SoCal hometown, leading a passerby to call 911 on her.

Well, it turns out she accidentally drenched her Pomeranian with gasoline while building the fire ... then raced to a nearby liquor store to clean the dog off.

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This is apparently where she went after the 911 call was placed and she bolted; Bynes was found not far from the spot of the fire when police arrived.

Surveillance video inside the liquor store shows her bursting into the liquor store, dog in hand, and bolting straight for a restricted "employees only" area.

The cashier rushed out from behind the register and chased after Bynes.

The owner of the store tells TMZ that the cashier detected a strong odor of gasoline and saw Amanda trying to rinse off the dog in a sink in the back.

As soon as the cashier confronted Bynes, she "freaked out" and split.

Shortly thereafter, police located Amanda and placed her on a 5150 psychiatric hold, believing she could pose a danger to herself and/or others.

Typically, a 5150 hold lasts only 72 hours, as it's very difficult to hold someone involuntarily. But if officials believe she poses a risk, it may be extended.

Might not be the worst thing, given her recent behavior.

The dog's whereabouts and status are not known.

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