Alec Baldwin "Shocked" by Anderson Cooper Call-Out, Plans to Ignore CNN Host

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Alec Baldwin is done with Twitter. And it also sounds like he's done with talking to Anderson Cooper.

In June, the former 30 Rock star blasted Daily Mail reporter George Stark for writing that Baldwin's wife was texting during the funeral for James Gandolfini.

As part of his Twitter rant, Baldwin went off on Stark as a "queen" and said the reporter would enjoy the sensation of a foot up his rear end.

Anderson Cooper for GLAAD
Alec Baldwin Up Close

After the actor made an apology, the issue seemed to go away quickly, which stunned and upset Cooper, one of the most prominent gay men in Hollywood.

He wondered why there wasn't more outage directed at Baldwin and claimed there would have been if a Republican had used similar words.

In response to that criticism, Baldwin told Howard Stern yesterday that he basically has no response.

Prompted by the radio host, Alec admitted he was "shocked" by Cooper's reaction and couldn't believe the CNN anchor referred to him as "despicable" (note: Cooper did not do so).

But what say Baldwin two if the two were to ever meet? "Nothing, actually" he replied multiple times.

What do you think of Baldwin's rant against Stark?

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