Amanda Bynes: Paranoid and Bleeding Money, But Now on Medication

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The legal saga surrounding Amanda Bynes' mental illness continues as she canceled a hearing that she requested Friday, saying she needs time for meds to kick in.

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Bynes initially wanted an emergency hearing at the psychiatric hospital where she's being treated, arguing that she's being held illegally against her will.

A judge decided Thursday that the 5150 psychiatric hold keeping her there - usually capped at 72 hours - would be extended another two weeks.

She wanted to challenge that ruling, but eventually concurred with her attorney that they had no new case, and asked for a hearing on August 1.

The 27-year-old and her lawyer believe the medication she's now on will improve her condition and allow her to make a stronger case for freedom.

Bynes clearly doesn't want to be in the psychiatric ward or under a legal conservatorship run by her parents, which they have already requested.

She's being kept in the hospital regardless, however, because she is deemed a danger to herself and/or others, but the meds could be a positive step.

Up until now, she's refused to grasp (or at least acknowledge) that she even has a problem, so perhaps she has seen the light ... time will tell.

Amanda Bynes is Dope

In any case, Amanda Bynes' parents are trying to set up a conservatorship that would give them control of her medical, financial and legal affairs.

Her parents believe this is essential to save her from herself, as she is a substance abuser who is paranoid, delusional and draining her bank account.

In court documents, they say she has become "extremely paranoid about being watched," covering smoke alarms with towels and taping windows shut.

They note, as Twitter users know well, that she has "profound body image issues" and is "obsessed with the fact that she (and others) are ugly."

The star has at least $4 million in the bank, according to her mom and dad, but has also blown $1.2 million in very little time. On what, it's unclear.

Rick and Lynn Bynes think she spends "a substantial amount" on weed and other illegal substances, but the missing cash is unaccounted for.

Amanda also told them she "cabbed it" from New York to L.A. after being kicked out of her hotel there, and her parents believe she is now homeless.

The court denied their petition for a conservatorship Friday, but only temporarily. With Bynes still in the hospital, the judge wanted more time to rule.


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