Amanda Bynes: Drake and I Have "Mutual Crushes" on Each Other!

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Amanda Bynes claims she and rapper Drake have mutual crushes on one another.

It's unclear if Drake is aware of this, of course. We're just going off of her Twitter.

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Drake Looks Back

That tidbit was shared after Amanda slammed Perez Hilton (she repeatedly threatens to sue the celebrity gossip blogger) for some reason or another.

"Nothing offends me more than being compared to Perez Hilton! Drake and I have been talking for years and have mutual crushes on each other!"

Despite an open invitation to murder Amanda Bynes' vagina, Drake has never commented or responded to any of her Tweets - publicly at least.

Perhaps that explains why she's a little hot and cold when it comes to him.

"You Have To Make A Change To See A Change," she said later. "Drake Is Not The One For Me, But I'm Sure He'll Make Someone Happy!"

The actress followed that up with the inevitable diss: "Drake Is Ugly."

To think, Monday he was "the most gorgeous man on the universe."

It's not like the star's ugly list is a bad (or lonely) place to be, nor is it necessarily permanent. We imagine she'll be singing Drizzy's praises again soon.

As for the other man Bynes is supposedly madly in love with?

His identity is unknown, but it's not Drake. He's #2 on her list.

Whomever the lucky man is, she's putting in work already!

"I Need To Have Surgery To Look Beautiful For The Man I'm In Love With So I Feel Comfortable With The Way I Look When We Get Married," she said.

Good to know, Amanda.

Good. To. Know.

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