Superhero Cancer Treatment: Brazilian Hospital Inspires Child Patients

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Anyone who has been through or seen someone go through cancer treatment knows what a difficult experience it is.

The way the treatment is conceptualized, understood, and dealt with plays a huge part in the patient's recovery.

With children, it can be even harder to explain what cancer is, how it is treated, and why it is happening to them.

That is why this news story out of Brazil so awesome.

Brazilian hospital A.C.Camargo Cancer Center has "rebranded" their cancer treatment as Superformula, teaming up with Warner Bros. to use real superheroes from the DC universe in order to help inspire the patients in their Children's Ward.

Watch the video below to find out more about it:

The Superformula is packaged in covers marked with symbols for characters such as Batman and Wonder Woman, and accompanied by special comic books and animations that show the characters going through similar experiences as the children.

Additionally, the game room was turned into a "Hall of Justice," and the interior and exterior were redesigned to fit the theme.