Melissa Etheridge Walks Back Angelina Jolie Remark: I Have No Opinion!

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Melissa Etheridge is walking back her remarks regarding Angelina Jolie's preventative mastectomy, which she was quoted as calling cowardly and fearful.

It's not the Maleficent star's decision to have the surgery she objects to, Etheridge now clarifies, it's the way that decision was glorified after the fact.

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"I don't have any opinion on what she 'should have' done," Etheridge, a breast cancer survivor herself, tells Us Weekly. "All are free to choose."

"I only objected to the term 'brave' in describing it."

You buying that? Or is it just damage control?

"Plenty of people have the gene mutation and everything but it never comes to cancer," the 52-year-old previously argued in The Washington Blade.

She called a mastectomy "way down the line on the spectrum of what you can do," and encouraged people "to go a lot further before coming to that conclusion."

Jolie, for her part, has not commented on Etheridge's remarks, but Brad Pitt, addressed them at the World War Z premiere in New York on June 17.

"Melissa's an old friend of mine," he said, declining to comment beyond the fact that he'd heard her comments. "I'm sure we'll talk on the phone."

"I think it's an individual decision, and I found it empowering instead of scary," he added of Jolie, who he also called heroic for making this decision.

"We experienced the exact opposite [of fear]."

What do you think of Angelina's choice?

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